Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink for Sale

Stainless steel kitchen sinks for sale in Kenya. The sinks can be fabricated precisely according to your requirements, whether you want one with a single bowl, double bowl, triple, etc.

We can also make them in various shapes, designs and dimensions, right from our in-house workshop. Feel free to come pay us a visit to see some samples of our work.


Top kitchens need a high quality kitchen sink to keep things clean and hygienic. Many people prefer stainless steel as the preferred material for kitchen sinks. We can attribute this to its great qualities. It is cheap compared to other alternatives, but extremely tough and durable. Unlike many other sinks that come rather standardized, it can easily be shaped and customized to meet your specific needs. Order a high quality, stainless steel kitchen sink online and get it custom made here in Kenya.

About the Kitchen Sink

We work with highly skilled,  and hard working craftsmen from the jua kali sector. As a locally based organization, we are very easy to reach. This gives us a great opportunity to work closely with you and to deliver high quality products in a short period of time. In fact, we can complete your order within a few days. In addition to this, local production allows us to offer cheap prices. We deliver for free within Nairobi.

Tell us the number of bowls, and other features you may need. We are very flexible; able to work creatively, creating unique and unconventional items. Whether you only need a sink bowl, or you want it to come with a working surface, we’ve got you. We all have different needs. Whether it’s for a home, restaurant, coffee shop, or any sort of kitchen, we can provide the ideal kitchen sink for you. If you are uncertain about anything, we can figure it out together. We value you as our customer.

A bit about us

We strive to achieve high quality service at an affordable price. Our goal is to make what used to be a tedious task as simple and convenient as we can. We are bringing the jua kali world to your fingertips through our online platform. Let us work together.