Bakery Equipment for Sale

Bakeries are quite a lucrative business venture; however opening one can be capital intensive. It is therefore vital to get the right equipment from the get-go failure to do so can be very costly.

Jua Kali Products offers both new and used baking equipment for sale in Kenya, at relatively cheap prices.

Some of our products include (locally manufactured and imported):

Electric oven
Gas oven
Rotary oven
Dough sheeter
Pastry sheeter
Spiral mixer
Dough mixer
Bread slicer
Baking tins
Bakery racks
Bread proofer
Dough divider
Dough roller

Many of our locally manufactured products can be customized in terms of size, type, design, etc. Therefore, we can create products that fit seamlessly into your bakery’s plan.

In addition to being in line with your bakery’s plan, such customizations are a great way to meet your goals without exceeding your budget.

We also have second hand baking equipment for sale. This is a great way to reduce the cost of equipping a bakery. You don’t need to worry about faulty or damaged products as the items can be restored/refurbished if need be.

Jua Kali Products is a great place to find cheap home and commercial bakery equipment for sale. Additionally, if you are looking for such products for sale in Nairobi, fortune may be on your side as we deliver bulk orders free within the city.

For big projects, we can come to the site for planning purposes and to take precise measurements. Other cases regarding delivery of products may be negotiated upon on a case-by-case basis. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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