Baking Proofer Ovens for Sale

High quality, baking provers for sale in Kenya. They are available in different variations and dimensions. Delivery is free within Nairobi.


Proofer ovens/baking provers help improve the fermentation process during baking. It gives the dough an ideal environment, with consistent, controlled temperature and humidity. They are ideal for bread, buns, and croissants. The more warmth and humidity, the faster the dough will rise.

About the Proofer Ovens

Our proofers are suitable for small, medium and large bakeries. We can make them in various dimensions to cater to specific needs. The stainless steel body ensures durability and reliability, as well as low maintenance. Furthermore, they have humidity and temperature controllers.

Jua Kali Products is the most convenient place to find cheap, high quality, baking equipment in Kenya – online. We deliver for free within Nairobi.