Energy Saving Jiko/Stove For Sale

Cheap, durable, high quality energy saving jikos/stoves for sale in Kenya. We have different designs and capacities. Delivery is free within Nairobi.


Saving energy is the first step we can all take towards fighting global warming. In addition to this, doesn’t it makes a lot of economical sense? I mean, look at instances such as cooking food. A good energy saving jiko uses minimal charcoal; it is highly efficient, containing and directing the heat toward the sufurias.

We have ideal models for homes, schools, restaurants, hotels, etc.

About the Energy Saving Jiko

The ones you see here are the 2 sufuria, and 4 sufuria energy saving jikos. We can custom build your stove to meet any specific requirements. This may be in terms of the size and overall design. Please note that prices may vary based on the specifications. Free delivery within Nairobi.

Jua Kali Products is the most convenient place to find cheap, top quality energy saving cooking equipment in Kenya – online.