Chapati Pans/Flat Pans For Sale

Cheap, durable, high quality steel chapati pans for sale in Kenya. We deliver for free within Nairobi.


Chapatis are a delicacy all over Kenya. However, not too many have mastered the art of making those perfectly soft and delicious chapatis. I think we can all agree on one thing though. Good chapati pans play an important role in this art. In fact, they are quite irreplaceable. Having said that, we present to you our cheap, high quality chapati pans.

About the Chapati Pan

The round, durable heavy duty pan is designed to make chapatis that leave an impression. It can also be used to make pancakes, crepes, flat breads, etc. The pan has a large surface area which means that heating up or cooling down takes less time. Whether you want a larger or a smaller pan, we can custom build them to meet your precise requirements. Free delivery on bulk orders within Nairobi.

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