Charcoal Meat Grill for Sale

Charcoal meat grill for sale in Kenya. The grills are available in different variations, and can be custom made. We deliver for free within Nairobi.



All chefs and barbecue fans in Kenya are familiar with the classic, charcoal meat grill. Whether it’s a party, festival, or just enjoying good times, it’s never really complete without some “nyama choma.” The charcoal meat grill has a way of adding a unique flavor and aroma, that you just can’t get using other means. Design an affordable barbecue grill to suit your needs, whether it’s for your home, or your business. Once your design is ready, it will be built by highly skilled and experienced smiths and workers. We deliver for free within Nairobi.

About the Meat Grill

It is built to last for years, with a very strong body and support system. Everything is locally made, which means we can offer you cheap prices and great deals on our products. It also means we can closely work together to achieve exactly what you desire. If you want a fold-able table attached to its side, no problem. If you want it structured in a fancy design, or even just the regular, conventional meat grill, no problem. Just reach out to us and we will work something out.

Due to the local nature of our work, we can also deliver in a very short period of time. No one likes long waiting times or complex procedures. We understand this all too well. Once you place an order, we will promptly get down to work, completing the order in a matter of days. You can keep in touch with us to monitor the progress of your order.

A bit about us

We strive to achieve excellent service at an affordable price. Our goal is work with you to achieve exactly what you desire, while bringing simplicity and convenience to your fingertips. We understand the importance of hard work and good service. As our client, your satisfaction comes first.