Stainless Steel Electric Oven for Sale

Stainless Steel Electric Oven for Sale in Kenya. We have different kinds of ovens. Delivery is free within Nairobi.


Ovens have long been the perfect way to heat, bake and dry various foods. They are efficient and vital for many kitchens. However, many users have had to contend with the fact that they come rather standardized. Can you imagine having an oven that has a deep fryer as part of it? Or something else you may need for your kitchen? Well, that’s what we are offering you. An opportunity to design the ideal electric oven for your home or business. Get it custom made to suit your exact needs.

About the Electric Oven

Our ovens are made right here in Kenya, by local talent from the jua kali sector. This makes for a very favorable set of circumstances. First, we are able to work very closely with you to achieve the best outcome for your specific case. We are basically very easy to reach and communicate with. Secondly, the local nature of our business enables us to offer you cheap prices on high quality, stainless steel products. In this case an electric oven. Last but not least, we are able to deliver extra fast. Once you place an order, we get to work. We don’t believe in complicated processes. Delivery is free within Nairobi.

The components of the electric oven are removable, and it is generally easy to clean. Some of the various modes and functions include; heat control, timer, oven light, oven grill, etc. You’re the customer, so you know best.

A bit about us

We believe in simplicity and convenience. Knowing how hideous the process of getting jua kali products made and delivered can be, we were prompted to develop a solution. This is why we work tirelessly to simplify the process as much as we can. We value you, as our customer. Let’s work together; we are just a call away.