Electric Dough Mixer for Sale in Kenya

Product type: Imported

High quality, electric dough mixer for sale in Kenya. We deliver for free within Nairobi.

  • -Capacity: 25 litres
  • -Speed can be adjusted to either 108, 183, or 352 rpm
  • -Has thermal overload protection
  • -Motor power: 500 W (3/4 HP)
  • -Inlet: 380V 3N AC 50 Hz
  • -Weight: 100 kg
  • -Dimensions: 560x550x910mm

Please note that our electric dough mixers are imported from Europe and not locally manufactured.


When it comes to cakes and many other foods, getting the mixture just right is essential. However, chefs know how tedious mixing dough can be. That is why a high quality, electric dough mixer comes in handy. In addition to automating the repetitive task of manually mixing, it can knead large quantities of dough at once. It is ideal for whipping creams and egg whites, mixing batters, as well as kneading; with uniform results.

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