Gas Cooker/Cooking Range for Sale

Cooking ranges and gas cookers for sale in Kenya. The cookers can be built precisely according to your requirements, whether you want one with 2 burners or 8 burners. We also build custom cooking range units with a combination of useful functions, including:

  • -Low pressure/ high pressure gas burners
  • -Deep fryer
  • -Griddle
  • -Grill
  • -Storage cabinets


A quality gas cooker is a must have for many kitchens. However, have you ever heard of custom made gas cookers? That is what we are offering you. A unique opportunity to design a gas cooker or gas burner to your specifications. Our products are made here in Kenya, by local workers from the jua kali sector. They are highly skilled in their craft.

About the Range Cooker

Since all production is local, we are able to offer cheap prices on high quality products. Furthermore, we are able to complete your orders in a short period of time. Whether you need two burners, four burners, eight burners, etc., just give us a few days. The gas burner is very easy to use and can produce a lot power from a single gas cylinder. We deliver for free within Nairobi.

A bit about us

We are a locally based company with the aim of bringing the jua kali to your fingertips. We focus on simplicity and convenience. Your satisfaction is important to us. Reach out to us for assistance on anything. Whether you need advice while customizing your item, or you want updates on your order. We are here to serve you.