Electric Food Warmer Display for Sale

High quality, electric food warmer displays for sale in Kenya. We have different variations of the food warmers. Free delivery within Nairobi.


Vending food is a booming business in Kenya. However, many vendors are faced with the challenge of keeping their food warm and clean. In fact, many of them resort to plastic containers which may not be very hygienic or appealing. Fortunately, there is a cheap and ideal solution to this; a high quality, electric food warmer display. In addition to keeping your food warm in a hygienic environment, it displays it to your customers in an appealing way.

About the Electric Food Warmer Display

The displays are made out of durable stainless steel and glass, lasting for a long period of time without rusting. You can effectively attract customers by presenting the food through glass display. Additionally, you can easily slide open the glass doors on the other side to serve. Furthermore, it uses very little electricity to run.

We are also open to customizing orders to meet your requirements. Jua Kali Products is the most convenient place to find cheap, durable, cooking equipment and food displays in Kenya – online. We deliver for free within Nairobi on bulk orders.