Bain Marie/Food Marie for Sale

Durable, stainless steel Bain Marie/Food Marie for sale in Kenya. The machines are available in different sizes and design variations. We can also custom build them according to your preferred specifications. All our products come with 1 year warranty. Delivery is free within Nairobi.


Available sizes: 3 insert, 4 insert, 5 insert, 6 insert, 7 insert, 8 insert, custom size.



Many restaurants, hotels, and other institutions understand how vital a good old bain marie is. It’s elegant and efficient. The hot water bath gently heats and cooks your food in an efficient and hygienic manner. Order a high quality bain marie online and get it custom made in Kenya.

About the Bain Marie

Our specialists are very experienced in this sort of thing. They pay attention to the fine details and understand the importance of a clean, shiny finish. It is an elaborate, stainless steel food marie, designed to evenly spread the heat through your food. It is ideal for heating delicate foods such as mashed potatoes, while maintaining their integrity. It’s also great for melting cheese or chocolate, and cooking foods such as custards and sauces over a low temperature.

Since we operate locally with the jua kali sector, we are very easy to reach. People have different needs and preferences, and we understand this. We are readily available to work closely with you to achieve exactly what you desire. Local production also enables us to offer you cheap prices and excellent deals on unique, high quality products. Furthermore, we are able to deliver very fast. In fact, we are able to complete a custom order in a just a few days. Delivery is free within Nairobi.

A bit about us

We strive to make this process as simple and painless as we can. Shopping for such items in the past has been a very tedious task for many. Our platform is designed to make this a thing of the past for our customers. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to access awesome deals. As our valued customer, we bring the jua kali to you. You place an order and we execute it. It’s that simple.