Fruit Peeler for Sale

Product type: Imported

Fruit peelers are great preparing fruits and vegetables on a large scale. In addition to making the work a lot easier, they are also quicker and safer than knives. They efficiently peel mangoes, apples, pineapples, potatoes, and so on.

We have various kinds of fruit peelers for sale in Kenya. Some are electric while others are hand operated. Additionally, some of the peelers are able to peel multiple fruits. We sell the following electric fruit peelers:

  • Apple peeler
  • Orange peeler
  • Pineapple peeler
  • Mango peeler
  • Citrus peeler
  • Avocado peeler

The fruit peelers are easy to operate. Fruits can easily be mounted and removed. However, be careful not to grab the cutter blade as it is very sharp.

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