Steel Wheelbarrow for Sale

Steel wheelbarrows for sale in Kenya. The wheelbarrows are available in different variations and grades. We deliver for free within Nairobi.


Wheelbarrows have been an essential construction tool for many years. For good reason too. They are simple yet ideal for transporting heavy construction material over short distances. Furthermore, they are very cheap but extremely strong and durable. With that said, we present to you high quality wheelbarrows for sale in Kenya.

About the Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is made from very tough steel (various grades available). Like all our other products, the wheelbarrows are made locally by highly efficient jua kali workers. This means we can deliver orders extra fast. We don’t need long processing times or anything of that sort. Due to the local production, we are also able to offer cheap prices on great products. In addition to this, we are readily available to offer any assistance you may need. Just reach out to us.

Last but not least, you can have your wheelbarrow custom made to fulfill your needs. Whether you want it with one or two wheels, we’ve got you. Or maybe you want it to be larger than the standard size. We’ll make it happen.

A bit about us

We know how hectic shopping for jua kali products can be. This platform is designed to make things much easier, with a keen focus on simplicity and convenience. We value you as our customer.