Popcorn Machine for Sale

Popcorn machine for sale in Kenya. Free delivery within Nairobi.


Popcorn has been around since ancient times but it never gets old. Pop some fresh popcorn very fast and efficiently using a classic popcorn machine. It’s elaborate design provides quick heating and continuous insulation. This kind of popcorn maker is ideal for businesses such as snack shops, and events such as , sports events, music festivals, birthdays, etc.

About the Popcorn Machine

The popcorn maker has a simple and attractive design, allowing you and your customers to keep an eye on the popcorn. It is primarily see through glass, attracting buyers and curious minds to your delicious looking popcorn. If you are not sure about the cup capacity, don’t worry. We will be with you whenever you need us, making sure you get the best one for you. The cup is made of stainless steel, and has a mechanism to keep the lid in place. Our products are made right here in Kenya. Your item will be built by highly skilled hands, from the renowned jua kali sector. Because of this, we are able to offer you cheap prices and great deals on high quality products. In addition to this, we can stay closely in touch throughout the process. We’re just a call away if you need some kind of assistance or updates on your order. We are very prompt and can deliver in a matter of days. Deliveries are free within Nairobi.

A bit about us

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