Stainless Steel Slop Hopper Sinks for Sale

High quality, stainless steel slop hopper sinks (sluice sinks) for sale in Kenya.

These sinks come in handy in the disposal of waste such as the content of urine bottles, bed pans, vomit bowls, and so on. They can be used in operating rooms and theatres, as well as in a domestic setting. Jua Kali Products offers high quality slop hoppers, alongside other stainless steel theatre and surgical hospital equipment. Delivery is free within Nairobi.


The slop hoppers, also known as sluice sinks, are designed for easy operation. Each sink is made of stainless steel shaped into a bowl into which the waste is poured. The units can be made to specific dimensions or designs. This will ensure they fit seamlessly into the buildings or rooms in which they are to be installed, as well as meet the customers’ exact needs. For instance, the units can be mounted onto a wall or adjustable legs.

Getting high quality, stainless steel products in Kenya no longer has to be a hassle. Our online platform offers a convenient way to buy high quality hospital equipment. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team ready to work with you; to help fulfill your goals.

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