Kick Buckets for Sale

High quality stainless steel medical kick buckets for sale in Kenya.

These buckets are ideal for hospitals and surgical centers, with a high level of durability. Each bucket is mounted on caster wheels which make it easy to move around the room by the foot. They are also very easy to clean. Delivery is free in Nairobi.


During a surgery, various disposable items such as used sponges can be tossed into the kick buckets. After the procedure, a nurse can check the bucket, accounting for the equipment used.

The contents can easily be poured from the bucket without removing it from the stand. Furthermore, the stainless steel body makes it resistant to corrosion or stains.

Getting high quality, kick buckets and other surgical equipment in Kenya has never been easier. Jua Kali Products offers a convenient gateway for buy high quality hospital equipment in Kenya. We also have a dedicated team ready to work with you to help fulfill your goals.