Stainless Steel Shelves for Sale

High quality stainless steel shelves and cabinets for sale in Kenya.

The shelves are ideal for kitchens and storage spaces. They can also be very useful on an empty wall where some extra storage is needed. The shelves can be affixed to a wall, leaving accessible space underneath for counters, work tables or other units.

Delivery is free in Nairobi.


Due to their durable stainless steel construction, our shelves are long-lasting and perfect for busy establishments. Furthermore, strong welded corners and bolster sections have a similar completion for consistency.

Additionally, the shelves are easy to clean and resistant to stains and corrosion, keeping your amenity spotless and sterile.

Jua Kali Products builds durable stainless steel equipment at great prices. Our online platform is the most convenient destination for top quality stainless steel kitchen and hospital equipment in Kenya. Get in touch today to learn more.