Rebune Coffee Maker (1.25L)

  • Convenient anti-drip valve
  • Detachable water tank with water level indicator
  • Non-return valve to prevent water flow back when tank is detached
  • Auto keep warm with non-stick coated warming plate
  • Power: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1000W


Make great-tasting hot coffee at home with the Rebune 1.25L Coffeemaker. The counter-top unit is perfect for starting the day, afternoon pick-me-ups, or for serving to guests with dessert after dinner.

An excellent choice for a home, apartment, work area, or dorm room, the coffeemaker provides a space-saving compact size with a small footprint that takes up minimal space on the counter. This Rebune Coffee maker brings style, taste, and functionality together to create a rich blend that you’ll savor for years to come