Water ATM Machine for Sale

The coin operated water refilling machine purifies water, providing Kenyans much needed access to affordable clean water.

It is quite a profitable business due to its vast benefits, including low cost and automatic operations.

Price of a water ATM machine in Kenya

The water refilling equipment costs between around Ksh. 150,000 to Ksh. 200,000 depending on the size and capacity.

The machine uses reverse osmosis to purify the water, and comes with an e-card reader or slot for inserting coins. It can fill a variety of bottle sizes up to 20 liters.


Starting a water refilling business in Kenya

Before setting up your water refilling station, ensure you have a location in a densely populated area as you are more likely to make more sales in such a place.

Also ensure that the water refilling machine is has the right capacity to ensure you will be able to keep up with the demand.

Once you have a ready water source and the construction of the water refilling station is complete, the machines/equipment can then be installed.

This process takes a day or two to complete. You will also need other materials such as water containers and seals.

Once all the planning is done you can now start buying other supplies you will need like water containers, seals, heat gun, sanitizer soap, etc.

At the same time, you can also start constructing your business’ signage and sticker labels for your products.

Don’t forget to properly test the water ATM machine and equipment before selling the product to customers. It is advisable to get the water sample analysis a month or so into operation to get an accurate analysis.

If the water fails to meet the required standards, contact us to help with troubleshooting. Water refilling is a highly profitable business to start in Kenya with the relatively low cost of investment.