Skimmer/Frying Spoon For Sale

Cheap, high quality, stainless steel deep frying spoon for sale in Kenya. We deliver for free within Nairobi.


Skimmers/frying spoons are versatile and essential kitchen tools. For example, a good frying spoon enables you to cook and serve fried food with ease. Order our high quality, locally made skimmers online.

About the Frying Spoon

The skimmer enables you to quickly separate hot oil or boiling water. Furthermore, it is ideal for scooping food, easily letting out the liquid. Each hole is about 1/2″ in diameter; ideal for chips, vegetables, meat, mandazis, samosas, etc. The skimmer is made from stainless steel and is guaranteed to last for many years. We deliver for free on bulk orders within Nairobi.

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