Rebune Air Fryer Oven

  • Healthy way to fry foods without oil
  • With rotisserie function
  • With convection function
  • With inner lamp
  • 4 faces non-stick coating cavity
  • Temperature control LOW-230C
  • Timer: 60 Min
  • Power: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1500W


This unique kitchen workhorse is actually a premium full-size toaster oven with a built-in air fryer. That means it not only bakes, broils, and toasts, it also lets you air fry right inside the oven.

Air frying, which uses powerful ultra-hot air, is a healthier way to prepare delicious fried favorites, from wings to fritters to fries to shrimp.

And since toaster ovens stay on the countertop, this fryer doesn’t have to move back and forth, from cupboard to counter. Enjoy the crunch without the calories and messy cleanup, with the Air Fryer Toaster Oven!