Electric Mandazi Fryer for Sale

High quality, electric mandazi fryers for sale in Kenya. Free delivery within Nairobi.


Mandazis are one of the most popular snacks in Kenya. Whether they’re mahamris, KDFs, ngumus, etc., we all have our preferences. However, one thing is certain. There is nothing quite like a well made mandazi. And to achieve this, you need the right equipment. An electric mandazi fryer is ideal for such tasks, especially in commercial use.

About the Mandazi Fryer

It is uniquely designed for mandazis. The fryer uses electricity to heat the oil in a large bowl. This enables you to produce at a high rate, keeping up with your customers’ demand. Furthermore, the fryer is very easy to use and clean. It has a knob that controls the power, as well as red and green lights to help you manage the temperature. In addition to this, it comes with a scooper to easily collect the mandazis.

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