Dressing Trolleys for Sale

High quality stainless steel dressing trolleys for sale in Kenya.

Many things are usually required for dressing, such as a sterile dressing set, leucoplast tape, washing solution, waste containers for infectious and noninfectious trash, safe disposal dangerous or sharp cutting items, bedpan, and so on. Each of these items can be spread out on a wheeled trolley, making them easier to sort and keep track of.

Delivery is free in Nairobi


Jua Kali Products presents durable, stainless steel dressing trolleys ideal for clinics, hospitals and medical centers. Furthermore, the trolleys can be custom-made to fit your needs.

Getting high quality, dressing trolleys and other stainless steel medical equipment in Kenya has never been easier. Get in touch today to get a quotation for your stainless steel hospital equipment needs.