Dough Divider/Rounder for Sale

Product type: Imported

Dough dividers/rounders, are used to divide and round dough uniformly. They are great for dividing/rounding different kinds of dough to prepare pizzas, tortillas, rolls, bread and so on.

There are both manual and electric dough dividers.

The manual dough divider has a hand-operated design that is simple and effective. To evenly divide dough, simply place it on the tray and pull the handle.

In addition to being cheaper, the manual dough divider requires less maintenance than the electric one.

On the other hand, an electric dough divider/rounder can accurately portion large quantities of dough into equal parts.

The machine has the capacity to quickly and uniformly divide/round various types of yeast raised dough such as pizza dough, bread dough, tortilla dough, etc. You can set the portion sizes as desired.

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