About Us

Jua kali is an informal sector in Kenya comprising of crafts people and various small scale traders who can create almost anything on demand. The words “jua kali” translate to “hot sun” – a reference associated with the fact that the traders are commonly known for operating by the roadside, in the blazing heat (and heavy rains). Jua kali artisans are among the most creative people in the world; almost anything feasible can be created in a matter of hours. Welcome to our world.

Jua Kali Products is a convenient gateway that enables Kenyans to shop for locally made products at the convenience of their homes and offices. With just a phone call you can now order any of the items featured on our catalog, such as ovens, trolleys, sinks, kitchen equipments, etc. You can also order custom designs and our team on the ground will ensure they are fulfilled to the precise specification you desire.

In order to help guarantee superior finishes, we only work with the most experienced artisans who have have practiced their crafts so long until there is no more room for errors.


To be the most convenient destination for buying jua kali products in Kenya.


Our mission is to deliver top quality, locally created products, in the most convenient ways possible. We aim to give the jua kali sector a newfound identity on the internet, so that customers can easily find, order, and receive any items that they need.